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Infographics about Feeding Your Chameleon

​Insect and Greens Percentages

infographic explaining different feeder percentages for chameleonsWhile your Chamaeleonidae can totally get by primarily on gut loaded crickets, it doesn’t hurt to give your pal some nutritional diversity either! In the wild, the lizards have the opportunity to choose from different meals in the form of varied insects, foliage and naturally existing nutrients. Gut loaded crickets are going to be your reptile’s basic source of nutrition. This is how you can be sure that they get the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals, through the gut loading process. The best way to feed your pet is by placing the crickets in a big bowl so that the chameleon can still hunt for them, but they can’t get out. Remember though, never leave crickets in there while your pet is sleeping! Crickets have been known to chew on the reptile while they sleep. Chamaeleonidae also enjoy some leafy greens in their diet! Kale is a great choice as an occasional treat. While a proper gut loading practice will ensure that your pet gets plenty of nutrition, the greens are always a nice addition.

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