What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

Bearded Dragons have quite the variety in terms of their diet. They are omnivores, but they eat mainly plants and smaller insects. Though these may be the main source of their diet, they can eat most foods that you give them.

These are the most common foods that bearded dragons eat:


Crickets are well-known for being a staple food for many of the reptile species, and that is not any different for bearded dragons. These crickets contain very high proteins and very high fibers. Be careful not to only feed your beardie crickets though, as this cannot be the only form of nutrition.
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Dubia Roaches

Dubia Roaches are a very balanced option for a diet of a bearded dragon. These insects carry tons of protein but also contain just the right amount of fats and fibers as well. A bit pricier but are definitely worth the price. Buying them online is the best option as they are much cheaper than in store.
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Can you overfeed a bearded dragon?

You can overfeed a bearded dragon. For the most part, Bearded dragons will eat almost anything that you give to them. Because of this, a lot of times the lizard will over feed itself if you leave too much food in front of it its natural instinct are to eat. This will cause overweight issues which can be detrimental to a dragons health. This can also happen by feeding your pet too many fatty foods, such as silk worms or super worms.

Can bearded dragons eat apples?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat apple. In order for your pet to eat it, though, the apple has to be cut into bite sized pieces. Your lizard might like it a bit better if you peel the apple as well.

Can bearded dragons eat avocado?

No, bearded dragons can not eat avocado, because this fruit contains abundant oxalic acid, which in large amounts, can be fatal to a dragon. This is one of the unhealthiest choices of fruit or vegetable to feed your pet. Never, at any point feed your pet avocado. I know it tastes really good but this one just isn’t a reptile food.

Can bearded dragons eat bananas?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat bananas, but it is unhealthy. Bananas are high in phosporus, which binds with calcium, which can cause serious health issues such as Metabolic Bone Disease. Though your dragon can eat bananas, you should feed them bananas rarely. Best to stay away from this fruit altogether.

Can bearded dragons eat basil?

Yes, basil is a great source of calcium and vitamin A for your bearded dragon. Make sure to wash it all and have it clean of pesticides before feeding it to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, bearded dragon can eat bell pepper, but in small doses. This vegetable contains oxalic acid which is harmful to reptiles, but the amount of vitamin C inside of this vegetable will off set the small amount of acid. Though safe, do not feed your dragon too much bell pepper.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Blackberries?

Bearded dragons can eat blackberries as long as it’s diet has much variety. Any type of berry contains a large amount of citric acid which, in large amounts, can be threatening to a reptiles digestive system. Make sure all fruit is washed before fed to your dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat blueberries?

Yes beardd dragons can eat blueberries. Make sure all the berries that you give your dragon is freshly washed. Some of the unwashed blueberries or even frozen berries can contain pesticides that can hurt your chameleon.

Can bearded dragons eat broccoli?

Yes, Your beaded dragon can eat broccoli. Never feed your pet cooked broccoli as this can be bad for his health. Too much broccoli can be a health hazard for your dragon so make sure to feed him this only every once in awhile. This is not the best vegetable choice.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Brussel Sprouts?

Brussel sprouts are a great food for your beardie! They are heavy in vitamins and minerals and is a good component of a diverse and moderate bearded dragon diet.

Can bearded dragons eat cabbage?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat cabbage (red and green). With both types of cabbage make sure it is washed and rinsed before feeding it to your spiky little pet. This can be a positive vegetable for your dragon to eat.

Can bearded dragons eat cantaloupe?

Yes, dragons can eat and are very fond of cantaloupe, probably due to its sweet nature. Make sure to cut the fruit into pieces and feed them to your pet only if it is clean and washed. Do not feed the shell of the cantaloupe to your beardie as it may cause digestive problems.

Can bearded dragons eat carrots?

Bearded Dragons are able to eat carrots. If you feed your bearded dragon vegetables often make sure to give it a variety of other fruits and vegetables as well, due to the fact that carrots are very high in vitamin A. This can lead to a serious health problem called Vitamin A toxicity if your pet is also being supplemented with vitamin A for his daily meals. You need to make sure the supplementation or the amount of carrots is not done overboard.

Can bearded dragons eat carrot greens?

Carrot greens are a healthy choice for your bearded dragon. This is all in moderation as you need to make sure all of your greens are clean an free of pesticides before feeding them to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Cauliflower?

Yes, many bearded dragons can eat cauliflower. Though this is true, I would only feed a dragon cauliflower every once in awhile as it may be bad for it’s health.

Can bearded dragons eat celery?

Bearded dragons can eat both the celery stalk and the celery leaves. Make sure the celery is raw and chopped into bite size pieces that you dragon can chew on easily before feeding it to your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat Cherries?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat cherries. The phosphorus to calcium level, though, is disproportionate, meaning that beardies should only have this delicious fruit every once in awhile as a desert. Do not feed your pet cherries too often.

Can bearded dragons eat chicken?

No, bearded dragons, as of now, should not eat chicken. There has been no significant study on the effects that chicken may have on your dragon’s health. The overall health problems could be much more of a problem than the small health benefits one may get by eating chicken.

Can bearded dragons eat cilantro?

Yes, Bearded dragons are able to safely eat cilantro. Clean the cilantro well before feeding it to your lizard. Also be careful to ensure that all of the reptiles vegetables and fruit are fresh and without pesticides before using it as a feeder.

Can bearded dragons eat collard greens?

Collard greens are a great food for bearded dragons to eat. So yes please feed your beardie some collard greens, as they have a lot of nutritional value.

Can bearded dragons eat corn?

Your bearded dragon surely can eat corn. Though there is a health risk if you feed your pet corn too often, dragons love the sweet little treat every once in awhile.

Can bearded dragons eat cucumber?

Bearded dragons can eat cucumber. Though dragons can eat this, the cucumber is very poor choice of vegetable for your lizard as it contains a large portion of it as water. Make sure the cucumber is peeled before feeding it to your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat dandelions?

Yes, dandelions should be fed to a bearded dragon. These flowers contain very high amount of nutrients in several different departments and could contribute highly to a happy and a healthy bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat earthworms?

Bearded dragons can eat earthworms. As long as the worms are ones bought online to intentionally feed your dragon. Bait worms, or earth worms that you find on the ground may contain bacteria and parasites that could be very harmful to a pet lizard.

Can bearded Dragons eat fish?

No. you should not feed fish to a bearded dragon. Small fish bones can cut and puncture a lizard’s throat and could be fatal. Even just the meat of the fish is a huge risk, as parasites are known to be live and well in fish.

Can bearded dragons eat grapes?

Bearded dragons can and enjoy eating grapes. Both grape leaves and the grapes make a good appetizer for a dragon. Make sure they are washed and clean before feeding them to your pet lizard.

Can bearded dragons eat grass?

Grass can be eaten by a bearded dragon. Make sure if it is grass in your yard that it is not sprayed with a weed killer as this can be very harmful to your dragon. If you take your little pet for a stroll in the yard, and he starts eating the grass like many do, do no be alarmed as this can be healthy.

Can bearded dragons eat grasshoppers?

Yes, bearded dragons eat grasshoppers both in the wild and in captivity. The grasshopper’s makeup is very much similar to a cricket, just a little bit harder to get your hands on in terms of quantity. Make sure it is not hand caught.

Can bearded dragons eat green beans?

You can feed you bearded dragon green beans. This is a very healthy choice for your dragon, as green beans are very high in nutrients. They can also eat the leaves of the green bean plant. Just make sure everything is clean before feeding to your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat kale?

Yes, kale is a good choice to feed your bearded dragon. Kale is a really healthy choice for not just your dragon, but you as well. Make sure to stock some of it up in your refrigerator, but make sure it is sanitary before feeding it to your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat kiwi?

Bearded dragons can definitely eat kiwi, as long as it is monitored and in moderation. Like all fruit with a large dose of oxalic acid, this acid will bind with calcium and could cause Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). This disease creates bone and body deformation and breakdown. In time the bearded dragon will eventually lose it’s strength and die.

Can bearded dragons eat lettuce?

Yes, beaded dragons can eat lettuce. The lettuce needs to be shucked from the roots in the middle as this is not healthy for your pet chameleon. Wash it and feed your dragon the lettuce leaves.

Can bearded dragons eat mango?

Yes. But like all sweet fruits, your bearded dragon should only eat mango on occasion. Once a week or even less. Sweet fruits are high in sugar and citric acid alike and can be very poor for your lizard’s health and well being.

Can bearded dragons eat meal worms?

Beaded dragons are able to eat meal worms, but make sure that they are fed meal worms in the morning. Meal worms have a hard chitin shell which is not easily digested. But, if fed in the morning, the pet can easily digest these meal worms before he falls asleep that night.

Can bearded dragons eat mice?

No, bearded dragons, as omnivores, should not eat mice. Though no studies have been done on this effect, feeding your pet lizard a mouse would be a risk to say the least.

Can bearded dragons eat mushrooms?

No, bearded dragons should not eat mushrooms at all. Many of the mushroom species contain toxic pores that are very harmful to reptiles and dragons in particular. Leave your snake to take care of the mice.

Can bearded dragons eat nightcrawlers?

Yes. Bearded dragons can eat night crawlers, even if they were from your yard. If your yard is sprayed with weed killer, then the night crawlers that have ingested that spray would not live. Therefore if you find any night crawlers that are alive then they are fair game.

Can bearded dragons eat oranges?

Bearded dragons can only eat certain oranges. They can eat navel oranges or mandarin oranges. If I were you, I would stay away from very acidic fruit as much as possible as it can be harmful for your pets digestive system.

Can Bearded dragons eat onions?

No. Beardies can not eat onions. Onions are very acidic that would cause the dragon much displeasure and may even upset it’s digestive tract. This could cause health problems for your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat parsley?

Bearded dragons are able to eat parsley. Though this is not the healthiest choice of vegetable to feed your pet lizard, if you only feed it parsley once in awhile your dragon will be healthy as an ox.

Can bearded dragons eat parsnip?

Yes. They can eat parsnip but only to an extent. Small amounts of parsnip would not do harm. But parsnip contains a lot of acid phosphorus. Which is not good for its health in large amounts.

Can bearded dragons eat pears?

Pears can be eaten by a bearded dragon for a treat. Once a week or once every couple of weeks a bearded dragon would definitely enjoy a nice sweet fuit like a pear.

Can bearded dragons eat potatoes?

No you should not feed your dragon potatoes. This may not be a healthy choice, but you can feed it sweet potatoes. This is a more healthy fatty treat for your pet lizard every once in awhile.

Can Bearded dragons eat radishes?

Yes, beardies can eat radishes. This is a very healthy vegetable that you can feed your pet. Make sure to wash thoroughly to remove any toxins from it. Everything in moderation.

Can Bearded dragons eat raspberries?

Yes, and it is delicious for a bearded dragon. Just make sure to only feed your dragon with sweet berries and fruit every once in awhile. Their main source of nutrition should be from roaches, crickets, super worms and silk worms.

Can bearded dragons eat romaine lettuce?

Yes, beardies enjoy romaine lettuce. They can eat it as long as it is free from pesticides. A more healthy option for your lizard would be collard greens and kale. Romaine lettuce is packed with water and contains little to no nutritional value.

Can bearded dragons eat super worms?

Super worms are one of the best worms that can be eaten by dragons. They are a little on the fatty side of this species of lizards food graph, but are still a great source of protein and nutrition for a beardie. Though it’s main source of food should come from crickets and roaches, super worms are a good pick. They are not quite as fatty as silk worms yet they do not have a hard chitin shell such as the meal worm. Store your super worms in a container with bran or oatmeal in the refrigerator.

Can bearded dragons eat spinach?

No, bearded dragons can not eat spinach. Spinach binds to calcium which could be devastating to a beardies health. This binding of these two elements could cause Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). This slowly causes a bearded dragon to lose its strength in his bones. This is a fatal disease that should not be tested.

Can bearded dragons eat strawberries?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat strawberries. These are a fruit which is very high in sugar content. Though it is not quite as acidic as most fruit, they are not the most healthy snack for a beardie. Try to only feed your pet lizard.

Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes?

Bearded dragons can eat tomatoes. So Yes, but it should not be the sole source of nutrition for the bet lizard. Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A and thought this is good, could cause health problems for your beardie. If the dragon is supplemented with Vitamin A, the combination of supplementation and excess tomatoes can lead to Vitamin A toxicity.

Can bearded dragons eat watermelon?

Yes dragons can eat watermelon. Though watermelon has almost 0 nutritional value due to the high concentration of water, this can be a nice little treat for your pet every once in awhile.
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